martin jonny b piper


martin jonny b piper


Continuation of 7000 years of the female figure in European art

relocated to hornsea all my enquiries as to hull were a waste of time

having better luck steering well clear of hull

putting up some of my Mall gallery drawings which have never been shown



Born 23 september 1954

lived in kensington london till 1964 attended town and country school 

attended monkton wild boarding school see summerfield school Dorset till 1972

attended foxhole 6th form dartington hall school till 1973

worked for ballantine history series of books from 1971 to 1974 also orbis publishing 

lived back in elgin crescent kensington til 1981

studied Chelsea School of Art from1974

exhibited young contempories 1975

Graduated 1/1 hons Sculpture 1979 Ravensbourne College of Art

hon member of the chelsea arts club

lived in the school house hammersmith with chapman brothers amoung others 1982

exhibited edinburgh festival 1983 one man show

lived in bermonsey near where my family were bombed out by a V2 till 2010

father PIP Piper art editor ECONOMIST newspaper til his death in 1987

one man show london school of economics 

one man show Cafe Gallery Southwark park 1999.

one man show Bird House Gallery Totnes south Devon 2009

partook exhibitions Mall Gallery many times Hyde Park London 

presently an artist in Hornsea East Riding


Exhibition History

23 septannual studio show on birthday since 1974
2009One man show Birdwood House Totnes
1999One man show Cafe Gallery Bermondsey
1987One man show london school of economics canteen
1983One man show Edinburgh festival